Geo Data Capture

Our modern app lets you capture exchange events with a geolocation stamp. The stamp contains location, time and date.
The recorded event record contains optional notes regarding the exchange and also an optional exchange site name name.

Offline function

The CTL app can be used offline. It will sync the geo data once it locates a cellular network or WiFi. This makes it useful in almost any location.

Printable and Shareable Data

You may choose to share the whole event log or only a selected part of it with a trusted person or office. Similarly, you may generate a PDF version of the log to share with appropriate contacts.


Illinois has about 70,000 marriages each year.

Just as an example, in Illinois alone, there where 280,000 total marriages between 2010 through 2013. For each of these years the ratio of marriages to divorces was about 44%.

So doing the math, each year results in 30,800 divorces and twice that many “EX’s”. In addition, about 150,000 births occur in Illinois each year. 

The story is not much different across the county. That is why CTL will help co-parenting families to provide data about their interactions.


Where to get the Apps...

Android app can be found in Google Play; the iOS app is in the iTunes app store.

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